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Friday, September 11, 2009

Descriptive Paragraph: My house

My home is located in the middle of the woods. There are sticky, pine trees covered in sap all around the house, so when pulling into my driveway it seems as if it leads to nowhere, but then suddenly turns right to the front of my house. The house is an old cabin filled with lots of dust, and has a musty, old-style taste to it. It was built by a man who actually died in the bath tub. Three dogs run amuck around the house and usually leave trash in the yard. The yard is filled with deep holes, nasty swamp water, and lots of annoying tree roots. My step father is a pack rat, which doesn't help at all. There are piles of junk, scrap and metal all over. Its trashy, but the house is nice and peacefully quiet since theres noone around. Overall I love home.

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